8 Questions Humans Asked the Internet

Ok, so we at Iconic Media run a digital marketing agency. It’s a whole lot of fun, but for the most part it can be pretty serious. We create amazing content and campaigns for our clients, but we do it with an end result in mind – more clicks, more engagement, more awareness, more sales. All pretty important and serious objectives for any business.

And so it was within this veil of seriousness that I pondered the humourous. I wondered whether the internet had truly become a place for brands to battle for our attention; or were there still people out there that remained maverick in how they engaged online. Turns out there are lots of them. And we can feel free to interchange maverick/dumb when it comes to each and every one!

Here’s 8 questions I found that our fellow humans have put out there; they’re real and very genuine – which makes them absolutely hilarious!

1. When being dumb online, please be more pacific.


2. If only it were that easy …..


3. Christian by name, Christian by nature (That reply though!)?


4. Is Dr Doolittle in the house?


5. Unbake my heart…..




7. Drop it like it’s hot….


8. And my favourite (probably very glad they remained anon)


So there you have it. Whenever you feel life has gotten too hard or too serious – spare a thought for these guys.

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