Is Whatsapp stories really that bad?

With approximately 1,8 billion users, Facebook is basically the king of social networking sites. Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger come in second with approximately 1 billion users utilising the respective apps. Ultimately, all three of these apps belong to one company so they’re all kingin’ it actually. Of these three social media giants, Whatsapp has had…
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Building the Best Creative Team

Creatives are often known to be the weird ones in the crowd. They’re the ones who aren’t afraid to break the rules, to be bold and unapologetic, and question everything we know about society. ‘Creatives’, as Steve Jobs calls them, are the round pegs in the square holes. You simply can’t fit them into a…
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Often the logo of the business is seen as the branding of the business, but its way deeper than that. It’s about the type messages you want to send across about your brand. It’s about creating a niche you out from the rest, and if done correctly, your brand has the potential to live into…
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