Building the Best Creative Team

Creatives are often known to be the weird ones in the crowd. They’re the ones who aren’t afraid to break the rules, to be bold and unapologetic, and question everything we know about society. ‘Creatives’, as Steve Jobs calls them, are the round pegs in the square holes. You simply can’t fit them into a category because they just don’t fit into one thing.

However, creatives also bring colour into our world. Imagine how the world would be if we all followed one ideological way of thinking and never toyed any boundaries? I know I’d be bored out of my mind and probably singularly plucking out my arm hairs just for a little variety in my day. Truth is, creatives are so necessary in our world because they are the ones who change things.

The advertising and media industry is a breeding ground for creatives. Although their main objective is to create innovative ideas for the industry, it’s how they create those ideas that causes us to view the world in ways we never expected.

Anyone who works in a creative agency can attest to the struggle of coming up with ground-breaking concepts and campaigns. However, building a well-balanced creative team can be your answer to generating those trailblazing ideas that win at awards shows and brings in those big bucks. Today’s creative team not only has the right mix of professional traits; it also has the right mix of personality traits. Making sure that their personalities gel well together ensures that your team is able to not only tolerate each other, but to also be able to feed off each other to generate those cutting-edge ideas.

These are the sort of people you should be employing as part of your team:

1. The What-if-er

This is the person who often gets the ball rolling. He brings the big idea to the table and tags the rest of the team with him for the ride. He persuades involvement from the team by simply asking “what if we...?” The What-if-er is good at soaking up inspiration from anything, and often connects the dots between their well of inspiration and the ideas they come up with.

2. The Triggerer:

This is the person who activates the idea and makes things happen. He turns the vision into reality, while still harmonizing a variety of personalities within the team. He’s also able to drive creativity by turning the constraints of time and budget into more motivation to come up with feasible ideas.

3. The Connector:

He is the one who walks in the shoes of your audience, they see the big picture and bring it down to the level of human experience. They know what people like and what they don’t like and how they interact with the world around them. The Connector often digs into market research and brings the data insights into life through the creative process.

4. The Realist:

The Realist is as his moniker says. He takes The What-if-ers rolling ball and rolls it down the hill more practically. He is always keeping an eye on the end goal and making sure that an idea actually works. He is always positive in turning the “not possible” ideas into “let’s find a way.

5. The Visualist:

The Visualist sees the bigger picture, and makes images that look good and help uncover and clarify the idea. They bring the idea into life through imagery and are able to present the familiar in an interestingly innovative way. They create those images that prompt the client to say, “Yes! That’s exactly what I’m looking for”

Creating the best creative team can’t happen overnight. It’s an ongoing process of finding the perfect balance between professional skills and personality traits. When you find that team that ‘clicks’, you’ll surely be on your way to the Cannes Awards, collecting that Gold Lion!

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