SEO, AdWord & Retargeting

That’s some pretty fancy words there, well they need to be. They do pretty fancy things. Let’s begin with SEO, this stands for Search Engine Optimisation. This gives you the opportunity to have your content reaching the right people when they want it. So your page won’t be on the last page of the Google search anymore. That’s a pretty dark place to be.

Next is Adwords, this is a marketing service offered by Google which helps businesses that want to advertise on Google. It’s cost effective as you only pay when your ad is clicked. Businesses that use AdWords create relevant ads based on the keywords that people are searching for.

Retargeting allows you to advertise to users who have previously visited your website. This can be in the form of banner ads. You’ve probably noticed after visiting an online shopping store and then switching to Facebook you often see the exact item you were considering in the ad bar on the right.

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