Social Media & Content Strategy

Your brand is unique. There may be others who do the same thing, who have a similar look or could even have a similar name. But they’re not you. We’re able to determine what makes your brand unique and tailor a social media and content strategy specifically for you.

This is done through extensive research and by getting to know your brand on a personal level. In order to ensure that your content stays true and up-to-date it’s important for us to have a good relationship with our clients. This can mean picking up the phone in order to send you a customer message received online or simply finding out about any exciting news in the company for that month.

We do like to work in advance by at least two months internally and at least one month externally. This means that we’ve always got content lined up and waiting to go live, but should there be anything that comes in last minute we are able to accommodate that as well.

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